Invited speakers

Prof. Dr. Müge Kasanmascheff  

Muge studied at the Middle East Technical University, Ankara/Turkey. She then did her doctorate at the Institute for Physical Chemistry at the Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg. Two postdoc stays followed in New Zealand with Prof. Renwick Dobson and at the MPI Göttingen with Prof. Marina Bennati. She also completed a short research stay at MIT with Prof. Joanne Stubbe. Müge Kasanmascheff has been a junior professor of physical chemistry at TU Dortmund since 2017. A key motivation of her research is to understand how biological and chemical systems use metals and organic radicals to perform complex oxidative/reductive chemistry. Her group focuses on elucidating the structure, function, and regulation of these systems. To this end, she mainly use advanced EPR spectroscopic methods combined with sophisticated bio-chemical and -physical tools.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Andrea Capozzi

His research field deals with hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Spectroscopy (MRS) via Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (dDNP). Driven since the beginning by interdisciplinary scientific interests, he achieved the master’s degree following a university curriculum across Condensed Matter Physics and Bio-Physics (Pavia, Italy). Afterwards, he moved to EPFL to start a PhD thesis in dDNP under the supervision of Prof Arnaud Comment. After his PhD, he moved to DTU to join Prof Ardenkjaer-Larsen group (the dDNP inventor) to improve his knowledge and apply dDNP to chemical applications. Currently, he has an assistant professor position at HYPERMAG (DTU, Denmark) and he is one of the junior PI at LIFMET (EPFL, Switzerland).